The Challenges of Teachers Who Proide Themselves in The 3T Region in Merauke District

Helga C. A. Silubun(1Mail),
(1) Department of Physics Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Musamus University, Merauke,, Indonesia

Mail Corresponding Author


In an effort to carry out the task of educating the children of the nation in rural areas that far from the city centre and difficult to reach with two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles, it is not uncommon for each teacher to face various problems that become a challenge for them, as well as those felt Teachers who devote themselves to 3T areas in Merauke Regency. This article discusses the challenges experienced by teachers in 3T areas in Merauke Regency by performing a descriptive method. The challenges faced by teachers were primarily due to the lack of equitable development in this country. However, hope, optimism, and the best efforts of the teachers do not fade.


Teachers, Development Equity, Challenges


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